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Amazing Clients & Scope of Work

My clients are truly amazing. Each one has their own unique combination of needs and energy. Helping people live their best life is why I started this company. My passion for bringing teams together in meaningful, intentional ways drives me to work with clients who want to see positive changes in all of the intersections of life they find themselves in - home, work, community, health, and more. By grounding our work in a strengths-based language, together we can focus on what’s going right first before addressing things that could use some tweaking. The clients I have worked with - across many different sectors - have stretched and grown me as a coach, a facilitator, and a human. I am honored to work with such amazing individuals and teams!

Client Testimonials

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"Working with Caroline was a pleasure for our entire team. She led an interactive retreat introducing many on our team to StrengthsFinder for the first time.
Pre-planning with Caroline was a breeze. She brings integrity, efficiency, and a sense of fun in all she does. I would gladly work with Caroline again, and I recommend her highly."

Karen Carlisle, Executive Director of Development
Kennesaw State University

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Some of my recent client projects include:

  • Executive Coaching for C-Suite Leadership (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO) in corporate companies in Real Estate and Tech Start-Up sectors

  • CliftonStrengths Workshop Series on Communication, Trust, and Ownership for Trimont's LEAD manager cohort

  • Leadership and Management coaching of entry, mid-level, and senior-level leadership in higher education institutions

  • Creation and Implementation of Mid-Level Manager Leadership Development program at Georgia Tech - cohort 3 starts Fall 2023!

  • Multi-Team, Multi-Day retreat for University of Richmond Health and Well-Being Division

  • Leadership Development Workshop Series for 3 Leadership Teams within Kennesaw State University’s Division of Student Affairs

  • Introduction to CliftonStrengths workshops for a variety of corporate and higher education organizations across the country.

Recent Projects

Powerful Partnerships


In the fall of 2022, I teamed up with some magical, WYLD women to join forces on new adventures in coaching, learning, and exploring. I’m honored to be on their team as a WYLD Guide. Check out our magical work here and the WYLD, beautiful things we do together. Got a big project that needs a larger team? Let’s chat about how WYLD might be a great fit with a multi-coach approach.



In the spring of 2023, I worked with Kendra Scheerhorn to revamp this awesome website you are on now. Kendra was fast, responsive, and took my google doc soup and turned it into magic! In need of marketing services? From graphic design and social media management to website design, if you need someone great to work with, check out Kendra's services here!

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When I knew my website needed a makeover, I knew I also needed some professional photos. Mackenzie Mays captured my personality and brand so perfectly. She was a dream to work with and brought my ideas to life through her own lens. If you are near the Atlanta area, reach out to Mackenzie for your next photo shoot here!

Client Gifting

If you get to know me at all, you will find that I LOVE giving gifts! My grandmother, Ma, called them "happys" - little, just-because gifts to make you feel cherished. After my company took off, I knew I needed a partner to help me come up with some fantastic swag and gifts for different occasions - thank you boxes, client gifts, workshop giveaways and more. That's where Jenny swooped in to save the day. Her company, Lux Lifestyle, seeks to illuminate issues in the foster care system and fund sustainable solutions to these problems. Lux Lifestyle "curates elevated, thoughtfully-sourced" (and downright gorgeous) " gift boxes that enrich the lives of the recipients" - which totally matches with my "Happy" gifting obsession. Jenny has put together some incredible boxes for some of my clients and has helped me create some amazing Strengths on Site swag (like the journals and water bottles you see in the photos on this site). And I LOVE that by supporting her business, I'm also supporting teens in foster care. Check her out here!

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