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Transformative Workshops

Bringing your group together and uniting them with a common, strengths-based language can lead to more successful teams, businesses, and organizations. Workshops can serve many purposes:Team Building, Team Visioning, Articulating Goals and Objectives, Professional Development, Leadership Development, and more.

Working with groups in my passion! Let me help you put together a transformative workshop that grounds your team or organization in CliftonStrengths and helps each person on your team unlock their superpowers. 

Custom workshops range from 2 hours to multi-day retreats and are based in CliftonStrengths language and tools. Using the assessment as well as interactive discussions and intentional activities, these workshops can help teams understand themselves and each other in a whole new way. We find ways for your team to team better, together.  


Workshops can be held in-person, virtual, or even hybrid to reach as many team members as possible.

My approach is not a “one and done” feel good retreat; rather, I work with you and your team on how we can integrate strengths-based language, tools, and framework into the way your team operates so it can ultimately thrive. Together, we can shift the narrative from “what’s wrong with this team” to “what’s right with this team.”
Let me show you how!

Schedule a
workshop consult

Schedule a free, 30-minute consult to discuss your team’s workshop goals and how a strengths-based approach can unlock your team's success.

Workshop Topics with Current & Former Clients

CliftonStrengths Discovery Course

Gallup’s introduction to CliftonStrengths. Great for teams just getting started with this assessment and framework.

Strengths-Based Leadership

How to show up and lead with your unique strengths.

Crucial Conversations & Strengths-Based Communication

Learning how to effectively communicate with our teammates when the stakes are high.

Leadership Styles & Managing Others

A broader view of leadership and different styles and how our strengths can help us level up. Also great for teams who have not taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment but are still interested in leadership development.

Project Management & Organizational Hierarchies

How does your organization create and execute on projects? This highly interactive workshop explores management styles as well as hierarchies that exist in many organizations. Can be grounded in CliftonStrengths or done without the assessment.

Strengths-Based Goals, Objectives, & Values for Teams and Organizations

Evaluations and constructive feedback don’t have to be hard! This is a great workshop for those interested in finding powerful, effective, and strengths-based ways to give performance feedback on a team. 

Strategic Planning & Powerful Partnerships

When we find our powerful partnerships, we can unlock true magic in our work and home lives. This workshop explores our strengths from a partnership lens - how do we team better, together, when there are more strengths at the table? 

Well-Being & Engagement

A holistic approach to well-being from Gallup’s 5 dimensional model: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community. This interactive workshop helps you and your team get granular in your total well-being profile and find ways to improve and enhance areas that are out of balance with the rest.

Client Testimonials

Kyla Ross.jpeg
"HAPS is so grateful to have partnered with Caroline to facilitate Gallup Strengths and storytelling sessions with our cohort of participants in our organization's leadership academy. Caroline brought her strengths of "positivity," "woo," and "communication" to each of our sessions and truly made a lasting impact on those involved. We look forward to many partnerships and sessions moving forward."

Kyla Ross, Past-President
Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS)


Why CliftonStrengths?

Still unsure about the assessment and application? Check out this video from Gallup that explains the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

Don’t see a topic listed here that you need?
Let’s connect to explore what you and your team are looking for in your next workshop or retreat.

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