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Blog & Bonus Content

You’ve found the content page of the website: here is where I’ll compile some of my favorite things - from articles to podcasts and everything in between! Check back often for insights, free worksheets, and resources I’ve found personally helpful in my coaching practice and even my own journey.



Read These

Here are a few of my favorites that have deeply influenced my coaching and leadership philosophies:

How Full Is Your Bucket  |  Tom Rath & Don Clifton
Think Again  |  Adam Grant
Burnout  |  Emily Nagoski PhD & Amelia Nagoski DMA
Start With Why  |  Simon Sinek
Dare to Lead  |  Brene Brown
Good to Great  |  Jim Collins
Good Inside  |  Becky Kennedy


Listen To These

One of my favorite things to do when I’m on a long commute or long walk is listen to podcasts. Some of my favorite ones that are in constant rotation include:

Dare To Lead Unlocking Us  |  Brene Brown 
WorkLife  |  Adam Grant
The Happiness Lab  |  Laurie Santos
We Can Do Hard Things  |  Glennon Doyle
A Bit of Optimism  |  Simon Sinek
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me  |  NPR
Gallup’s Called to Coach & Theme Thursday  |  Gallup 
Armchair Expert  |  Dax Shepard
Ten Percent Happier  |  Dan Harris
EntreLeadership  |  Dave Ramsey


Other Inspiration

Peloton - I do a daily workout or meditation session with Peloton. It moves my body, connects my mind, and fills my spirit. There is power in positive coaching!
Chin Up, Crown On (thanks, Robin Arzon)!

Walking - I walk. A lot. There is a peace to moving forward, outside, whether by myself or with others. When I studied abroad in Norway, they had a saying that translated roughly to: “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Unless it’s unsafe, you’ll find me outside on a walk every free moment I can get! 

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