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Everyone Needs a Coach...Who's Yours?

Everyone Needs a Coach: Who’s Yours?

I am a podcast junkie. They are my favorite way to pass the time in the car when I travel – whether on my way to a workshop or driving down to Disney. While I love a good true crime drama or my new find,  A Little Bit Culty, my favorite podcasts focus on leadership, growth mindset, entrepreneurial pursuits, and even the brain (looking at you, Dr. Sanjay Gupta!). On one such commute, I loaded one of my go-to podcasts – ReThinking with Adam Grant. He was interviewing Dr. Atul Gawande about the transformative power of having a coach. I loved the segment so much, I went and found his actual Ted Talk on this topic – and it was fascinating and affirming.

Whether you’re guiding a corporation, launching a business, or simply pursuing personal growth, the guidance of a coach can be profoundly transformative. Coaches aren’t just for the elite athletes or celebrities; they are for everyone who’s committed to uncovering and overcoming the unseen obstacles that limit their potential. As Dr. Gawande puts it: “Everyone needs a coach.” I agree. It’s why I have TWO.

Everyone needs a coach - Dr. Atul Gawande

Coaches Are Crucial to Growth

Imagine walking around with an unnoticed smudge on your face, visible to everyone but yourself. This is what it’s like to navigate life with unchecked habits and behaviors. A coach acts like a mirror, reflecting not only your visible actions but also the subtle, often overlooked nuances of your feelings and behaviors. This reflection helps you see yourself as you truly are, not just as you perceive yourself to be.

Coaches offer a fresh perspective, unclouded by the biases and emotional investments that color our self-perception. They help spot patterns that are too close for us to see. This insight is crucial for real change. It's about understanding the why behind what we do, which is often the first step in doing better. It’s one of the many reasons I have not one, but two amazing coaches who help me unpack some of my trickiest “whys” and give me clarity when I often think I’m at a dead-end.

The CliftonStrengths Approach

Individualized coaching is perfect for those seeking to grow both professionally and personally. Coaching is exploring your challenges, your triumphs, your strengths, and, yes, even your weaknesses in a thoughtful, intentional way. It’s vulnerable conversations, deep reflection, and “a-ha!” moments. Coaching is an investment in yourself. In a typical coaching session, we might unpack your CliftonStrengths assessment, set personal and professional goals, tackle a tough problem, or strategically align your values and vision for a successful future.

Grounding our coaching sessions in the CliftonStrengths assessment gives us a universal, positive language to help us articulate what we do best, how we do it, and even why we do things in our own unique way. While it’s certainly not the only tool out there to express ourselves, it’s a powerful one that’s grounded in nearly 70 decades of research, backed by Gallup, and focuses on what we bring to the table. My whole company and coaching philosophy is based around it! 

Coaching Sounds…Personal. What Else You Got?

Maybe 1:1 coaching isn’t your jam…yet. Maybe you want to know more about your strengths first. I get it! The CliftonStrengths assessment is more than just a tool—it's a gateway to understanding how your unique talents can profoundly shape every aspect of your life. By leveraging these insights, you can achieve your goals with greater precision and satisfaction. That's why I'm thrilled to invite you to an exclusive workshop designed to harness the power of this incredible framework.

In this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths assessment and then dive deep into your results over two enriching hours. We'll explore your top strengths in a way that is both meaningful and personalized, enabling you to:

1.       Identify your Top 5 strengths and how they show up in your personal and professional life.

2.      Develop strategies to use these strengths to their fullest potential.

3.      Create an actionable plan that aligns with your long-term goals and new insights.

You can learn more about my CliftonStrengths 101 workshops and enroll below.

Embark on Your Path to Self-Discovery

I invite you to explore my coaching page to delve deeper into my coaching philosophy and discover how we can collaborate on your path to self-discovery and enhancement. Whether you're looking to pivot in your career, elevate your leadership abilities, or simply deepen your self-understanding, a coach can be the spark that ignites significant change.

Coaching is not merely about improving - it's about transforming.

Transformation starts when you recognize the full breadth of your capabilities and confront the challenges ahead. Join me – either one-on-one or in a group workshop -and let’s start this transformative journey, together.


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